Our History

From 1960 in Rome, Lucky, Bobo and Ronnie, after personal experiences in the USA, Great Britain and Australia, founded various groups of different musical genres in vogue during that period such as the Flashes, the Icebergs (winners of the Canta Lazio) , the Delta, and the Rivals as well as the Route 66 performing in the most exclusive clubs of the Capital, such as the famous Piper Club, the Kilt, Le Piscine and others. In 1985 they decided to try their hand at a musical genre then unreleased in Italy, La Country Music, changing the name of the band to TEXARKANA, a town in Texas where they were invited to perform several times.
The group is usually called to play, as well as in clubs, at horse racing events in Western Mount, Rodei, sports competitions, festivals, motorcycle rallies, festivals as well as parties and events of the English-speaking communities here in Italy, including the American embassy and also on TV. Our CD “First Ride” was broadcast by the most famous radio stations in the USA and other English speaking countries.

Since 2004 they have represented Italy at some of the most important Country Music Festivals such as Mrongowo in Poland where, by express wish of the guests of honor, Billy Joe Shaver and Mick Taylor, ex Rolling Stones, have performed together with them receiving some also congratulations. In 2005 exhibition in Munich in Germany. In Sulomino (Poland) they performed at Western Piknik together with other famous bands such as Lonstar. Wayne Low, Patricia Vonn, etc. They have participated in this Festival several times. In 2006, they performed live on the T.V. of Lithuanian state, as well as at Broadvejus, a famous club in Vilnius and then go to the other prestigious Visagino Festival (CMA). In 2010, Tour in USA in Chicago and in Dallas in Texas. In Fort Worth they also performed in the famous temple of Country Music, The White Elephant Saloon temple of all the Great, and finally in Texarkana, for which the group also wrote a song.

Availables to travel throughout the world.